Chion Wolf is the host of Audacious with Chion Wolf, and Us in the Time of Coronavirus from WNPR, Connecticut Public Radio.

She produces and hosts The Mouth-Off: Storytelling at the Mark Twain House in Hartford; Asking for a Friend, a live advice show at Sea Tea Improv's underground comedy theater; and a weekly Facebook live show, "It's Chopped Salad Time! (with Chion Wolf")

In conjunction with CT Voice Magazine, she was the host and producer of CT Voice Podcast, highlighting the stories of people on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum in Connecticut.

Chion is a an animator, and on the Board of Directors for Night Fall, Inc., a yearly Hartford-based public performance with Anne Cubberly's giant puppets, dancers, and music.
She is the founder of "Pedal to the Medal", a pre-Eversource Hartford Marathon bike ride which benefits Hartford's only educational bicycle store, BiCi Co.

Wolf is a founding member of the Hartford Hot Several Brass Band, where she plays the trash can bass drum. 

Chion is also a certified judge with the International Chili Society, and is unapologetic about her love for onions.


Asking for a Friend with Chion Wolf is a live advice show and podcast from Sea Tea Comedy Theater in downtown Hartford. It's for curious people with a sense of humor and a love of philosophy!

We go through 5 rounds of questions and problems, including the "Y U So Salty" round, where panelists and audience volunteers take the mic to talk about what's gotten under their skin lately.

At the end of the night, you'll hear the Traditional Reading of Unaddressed Problems, and anonymous Confessions & Boasts!


Come to a show!

What's your favorite piece of advice? Email me and it may be read on the show and podcast.

The Mouth-Off with Chion Wolf: Storytelling at the Mark Twain House & Museum is open to tale-tellers of all abilities. Six slots are available per show with an 8-minute limit each, and there's always the audience Wild Card with a 5-minute limit to mix things up!

The show is five times a year, each with a different theme. Connect with us on Facebook for more information! You may be able to say that you entertained a crowd on the grounds of one of the best storytellers in American history!

         2020 dates & themes:

  • 2/7 - I Can Do Better

  • 4/10 - Running Late - CANCELLED - Covid-19)

  • 6/26 - On Fire

  • 9/11 - I Told You So!

  • 11/13 - In Hospital


Email your story submission today!

It's Chopped Salad Time logo.jpg

Wanna watch some lady assemble her weekly salad allotment while chatting with you on Facebook live?



Well, every Sunday, I sharpen my knife (pro tip: a sharp knife is a safe knife), peel a vidalia onion, slice some cucumbers, shake some oil & vinegar, and chop some salad - all on Facebook live so I can chat with you!


For reasons currently unknown to me, I took the first 20 hour-or-so long episodes and edited them into >5 minute versions, complete with a theme song, a commercial, and a time-lapse!


Connecticut Voice Podcast with Chion Wolf is a deep dive into the stories of the LGBTQIA+ community in and around our state.


Sometimes we’re talking directly about the challenges and triumphs in our world on this spectrum, and sometimes the conversation is about something else entirely – but that person happens to be queer. No matter the focus, it’s always multifaceted.

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Asking for a Friend is here for you in the form of a podcast!

Episodes from all rounds of the live show are all yours:


Problems, the Ponder Round, Unaddressed Problems & Confessions, and Y U SO Salty?

You are gonna love the podcast!

Got a better solution to a problem? Wanna tell us what your problem is, and possibly be addressed on the live show? Got a favorite piece of advice?

Leave a voicemail:

True stories told from the house of one of the world's most famous writers...
To go!

The storytellers on our show get to say, for the rest of their lives, that they told a story at the Mark Twain House!

Now you can be an audible witness to their greatness, two stories at a time.

Listen & Subscribe!



The news is hard to hear lately. So I interviewed a group of 4 & 5 year-olds at the Mandell JCC in West Hartford, CT, about love, smiling, and what makes them happy.

It'll make you happy, too!


This is a 48 hour Amtrak ride from Chicago to Los Angeles condensed into 12 minutes, complete with a time lapse out the sleeper car window, and interviews with passengers about their favorite piece of advice.



In the name of Public Radio (and sheer curiosity), I spent a couple of hours at Solair Family Nudist Resort in Woodstock, CT.

This is what it sounded and felt like!


The enthusiasm Chion Wolf has for Hartford is contagious. The Hartford resident is well known in the community—and throughout Connecticut—for her voice work on WNPR, where she serves as technical producer, announcer, and photographer.
More recently, Chion’s recognition in the Hartford area has grown with her contributions to local entertainment including The Mouth-Off, Asking For A Friend, and her latest endeavor, Pedal to the Medal.

Thanks to the 2018 CT Now Best of Hartford poll, and thanks to everybody who voted!

Congratulations to WNPR (Best Radio Station) and the Colin McEnroe Show (Best Radio Show)!

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'Asking For A Friend':
Chion Wolf's Advice Show Takes A Serious But Fun Approach


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